Mobile Number Data Check 2020

This app appears to mislead. Now, when i saw it, i was so excited. This app if cirrectly synchronized with the geologic map could help curb crimes to an a minimal rate. I advice the iniator to work harder to optimise reliance on it. Expecting a fruitful touch of excellence. For now, the map of every…

It always shows that enter a valid number. It gives the wrong location as I tried to call my another phone which is beside me but it said that the number lies in the Mumbai telecom region. This is the worst application I have seen which only wastes our time and data.

Man you are fooling everyone just showing the place of registration of sim but not the actual location of the sim.If someone is reading this don’t install it as it is only fooling the public.

Malfunction that I have put the correct country code indonesia +62 and filled the mobila phone number but after clicked find location it was told me that the number incorrectly. Until 3 times I was filled the respond always number incorrectly. Regretly to download this appl is malfuntioning


Full of adds and it’s does not work, the high rating is just because it prompt people to rate it 5 starts as soon as you open the app without using it a single second… That’s just ridiculous

Cool it is really cool aap sunao and the other two are in the process of getting the same thing in the way 6AM and I phone them in albums and they have been in artists and they are very different to me but I’m sure that the best thing is to get a good night out of it when you’re going through a big …

Mobile Number Locator is very outstanding is very easy to use and very helpfull app…..

Because the country code for Ghana does not appear in the bar for selection.

The most useless app i have ever seen, unistalled it the day i installed it, every page you load it directs you to an advert …useless

I paid for the upgrade and it does not track anything beyond my home. Does this have to be connected to Wi-Fi to work? It just doesn’t work at all. I did send an invitation and went through all the steps. I made sure I followed your instructions. Does this have to work on Wi-Fi only? That was a ques…

You are limited to how many times you can locate each contact before they want you to upgrade! When you refresh it takes a while. It took me a while to connect with my son to start tracking him. Had to uninstall a few times and then it works! For $10 a month I would like to have better quality!

Horrible app, updates my phone location just fine. But who cares, the phone is with me. But never updates my families location but once a day. This app is nothing but a portal to plaster you with ADs. If the app worked as it should, I may have purchased it, but not going to purchase a monthly subscr…
It works ok I paid 30.00 for no ads n better tracking. Nothing better but had to get new phone downloaded app again and now they are asking i pay again. So $30 lost. This is what it says on your site “Totally free for an endless number of users. All features are free.”
Worked great initially but even after subscribing to the paid version I can not locate my family members. Invitation sent and accepted multiple times. Every once in a while it works. Dissappointing
This is very useful app i can finaly find where my husband is.. But that fact that my husband doenst want me to locate him he just turned off his location.. And i think his hiding something from me. And it took a while before i locate my husband..and every time at pree the refresh button i have to p…
After inviting and connecting with the number. The phone even open but this app doesn’t show any location. Just saying send invitation. Also even my phone current location was showing wrong. Very useless app
Have been using this app for a couple months now. So far it hasn’t let me down. As long as the person has location and data enabled on their device this app will pinpoint their exact location & will update every minute or when they leave said place. The only thing I would recommend is the app be abl…


After update, tracker no longer auto updates. Have to stop and restart app to get it to do so. cost off premium version has over doubled in price.
The app is perfect,the only issue I have with this up is only one,my phone was stolen with this app so I have downloaded the same app and I can’t track the stolen one.Download
It’s good,,,but the problem is that the phone you want to track the owner must accept it before you use, which is making tracking had


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